The Never Ending Journey of Conversion Optimisation.

Conversion optimisation, the process of using: incentives, analytics and feedback to improve the rate at which visitors are converted to paying customers (, 2017) relies heavily upon exchanging value with visitors as they progress through your website’s conversion funnel. 

Thoughts on Video Marketing

Getting started with video marketing is easy with the right strategy and tools.

Publishing Power to the People

Innovation in digital media has made painless publishing accessible to anyone with a computer and (hopefully) stable wi-fi connection. Digital dynamics such as: speed, scale and adjacency allow anyone to produce, publish and promote their digital content to an audience of potentially billions fairly painlessly.  Here’s my first rudimentary attempt at digital publishing with my…

Basic Copywriting Analysis and Words of Warning for Aspiring Writers

The headline sells the copy and the copy sells the product.” – Andy Maslen Copywriting has and always will be one of the key skills for business to communicate with their consumers. After the human voice, persuasive writing has retained its position for over 2,000 years as a critical medium withstanding  or being integrated into…

On Presentations and Public Speaking

“Speech is the mirror of the mind.” – Seneca the Younger Presentations and public speaking are an important method of communicating ideas and influence audiences for businesses. Unfortunately, many people struggle with both and fail to communicate their ideas in an authoritative and persuasive manner due to anxiety surrounding public speaking, ineffective visual design and…

Search Engine Optimisation and You: A Beginner’s Guide

Why is search engine optimisation important to your business?  In “Understanding Digital Marketing” Damien Ryan uses the metaphor of a website being a business’s digital storefront, a place where we can convert visitors into customers. How can we convert visitors to customers if they cannot find the shop? That’s where SEO or search engine optimisation…

How to Win Friends and Influence People with Personal Branding

In the 21st century business environment personal branded has emerged as a necessity to differentiate oneself and stand out in an increasingly competitive job market. Personal branding allows an individual to effectively communicate: their competencies, experience and vision of themselves. A personal brand is an asset that can help to improve to chances of obtaining…

On Social Media Disasters

American Apparel’s Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster On the Fourth of July 2014, American Apparel attempted to join the festivities surrounding the day America was founded by posting a picture of what they assumed was an attractive smoke cloud. Sadly, this image is of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion, in which seven astronauts were killed…

Niche Blogging or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Market Fragmentation

Due to the nature of digital technologies and platforms the nature of communication has fundamentally changed. The digital world has five characteristics: speed, adaptability, adjacency, scale and precision (Brinker, 2016). These five characteristics inherent to digital communication have forced the very nature of marketing to adapt, to become helpful and relevant or be ignored by Consumer 2.0 and their self-determined, fragmented markets. 

Website Design: The Keystone of Your Digital Business

In “Understanding Digital Marketing ” Damian Ryan asks the reader to consider their website as their digital shop window and to understand that visitors will peak through that window only briefly to decide whether a website will serve their needs or not. A successful website is not that different from a shop, it must serve both the needs of the business owner and the customer.  A business website is irrelevant unless it takes traffic and converts it into customers. The one of keys to addressing both these stakeholders is through web design.